Podcast your knowledge

Podcast is, according to Wikipedia , a series of media files (audio or video) that are released episodically. Think of podcast as a radio/TV show, except you can enjoy podcasts whenever and wherever you want. This online resource is made available for download to any portable device such as mp3 player, computer…

With a simple mp3/mp4 player, you can “podcast” your knowledge by harvesting podcasts from online directories like iTunesPodcast Pickle. and Podcast Alley.

If you are living in New Brunswick, Canada, you can have access to a myriad of audiobooks and Ebook at the Electronic Library NB.  Google and Sony launched a Reader Store for free E-books. You may be asked to download a required software to listen to the E-books and to transfer the resource to your mobile device.

If you wish to learn anything, to coach yourself, to listen to your favorite show; Podcasts and E-books make the journey easy for the learns.


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