Domains & Hosting

I attended a free online course on Wiziq hosted by Mrs. Tanja Petrova. The course was about Websites Made Easy – Domains & Hosting.

I have taken these notes from the course:

Buy domain starting from $2.99/yr

  • There is an option for buying hosting
  • you can use private registration without showing your real name ++$$ (very important)
  • Use SSL certificate for paying online for credit cards…. paypal ! : To lookup who use a domain

On Web hosting tab:

  • Shared Hosting: website available 24/7
  • Hosting from $2.55/mo for 5GB

  • Hosting from $4.99/mo for 10GB, Unlimited bandwidth (if the traffic is high) for Linux OS
  • You have to look what support is offered…. Goddady has a Skype free call

  • from 1cent /month
  • There is an US toll-free number associated with the plan.
  • From $4.95/mo – Hatching plan unlimited bandwidth + “Live chat“ for support

With MagicPak, you can have an US toll-free number.
Keep your domain and your hosting separate with two different compagnies


  • Kompozer Editor / Kompozer WYSIWYG editor / Kompozer website building
  • from Mozilla
  • Free template

godaddy sends a lot of email.
Go to My account:

  • free product
  • Domain Manager : make changes on your domains…. setup DNS from other company where your website is hosted
  • .

Go to cPanel (Control Panel): Hosting account
— Fatanstico: To can install: Drupal, WordPress…. and other solutions for free.

For other Free online course go to Wiziq website>.
Recordings from Tanja Petrova can be found here.


Unwritten Knowledge Vs. Unthinking

Skip Ward presented in his video 5 key ideas about the online course for CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011) and he ended up his talk by “You can’t unthink“. Surely we can not unthink but we need to record our thinking to not only share it with others but also to make it growing bigger by fulfilling one’s specific needs.

Imagine yourself in a maze of “unwritten information” and your goal is to develop a knowledge throughout this big maze; first of all you need to build a social network because unwritten knowledge is distributed over many people and accessing resources (data and knowledge) is very important to connect dots and nodes in the space-time dimension. Challenge will occur in fractal dimension where complex variables interfere for creating a big picture of what is known and what is not. We need to demystify the complexity of learning in some areas and make it accessible to everybody by presenting it in different shapes and colors, in different terms and formats so that people in all level take advantage in developing their learning.

Lady with veil

The lady of wisdom has so much unwritten knowledge and experience that it could fill a library when ‘unveiled’

Same thing will happen for “Unwritten Knowledge when it become Written”.

The Key to Knowledge – Open University

I attended the Open Course “The Key to Knowledge – How to Understand Islam Correctly” with Open University. The Sheikh Mohammad Al-Malki explained the definition of Islamic Creed and the Oneness. He Defined the Creed as:

It is what is firmed one’s heart of which it makes to do or not to do things as whoever this person workships

And he introduced the Islamic Creed as:

Whatsoever the Quran and the Authentic Ahadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad prove and what the compagnions of the messenger of Allah used to believe in their lifetime.

The Oneness has been defined by learners as “Single Out God for Worship”. The definition that the Sheikh explained was:

Tawhid is to Believe in the Oneness of Allah as the Lord, the God, the Perfect Names and Attributes of Allah that make one to act accordingly.

After the break, Sheikh asked the attenders about The Principles of the Islamic Creed (Aqeedah) and he defined as:

  • is to believe everything that Allah sent in the Quran and Sunnah
  • we must submit all our cases to our Lord – Allah – with the Oneness (Tawheed)
  • To fulfill the obedience to our Lord and free yourself from any form of associating partners with Allah

It was a good reminder about the principles of the Islamic Creed. Here a screenshot from the online course.
Islamic Creed

The Love of Triangle: C.I.T

I Joined CCK11, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Connectivsim and Connective Knowledge. From the first Elluminate recording session, the Facilitator of the MOOC, G.Siemens, talked about the core elements of learning: Create-Interact-Track. he added:

… If we make our learning transparent… it’s like assuming a teaching role

Interactions with one’s artifact increase intrinsic motivation and create connection between people and knowledge. Everything is connected somehow but each of us may have different vision of how to connect different dots in a given space.
Image Source

I have introduced in the Plearn blog the principle of ELIS Wheel : Explore, Learn, Interact and Socialize in the learning process. We need to create something and share it with others in the cloud and we need to interact to enhance intrinsic and extrinsic motivations in the crowd’s spirit.

Enjoy your learning and keep going!

Short URL Vs. Long URL

URL Shortening service makes long URLs short and easy to pass along. It is very convenient for micro-blogs like Twitter and because of their 140 characters limit and it is more useful to send short URL in emails or in newsletter. You can find here The top 10 Shortening URL Services. is one of the most used in the cloud, it comes with TweetDeck, TwitterFeed and other tools for Twitter.

URL shorteners can be blocked by your office’s firewall because nobody really knows what’s on the other end of that link until you click on it. With Short URL, you can not analyze the link and get its source except if you make a reverse Short URL lookup using other Long URL Tools like LongURL or ExpandmyURL.

You may find this list of Top 10 Websites to Expand Any Short URL useful. All these tools are useful for a single URL but it is hard to analyze a long list of URLs at once.