The Key to Knowledge – Open University

I attended the Open Course “The Key to Knowledge – How to Understand Islam Correctly” with Open University. The Sheikh Mohammad Al-Malki explained the definition of Islamic Creed and the Oneness. He Defined the Creed as:

It is what is firmed one’s heart of which it makes to do or not to do things as whoever this person workships

And he introduced the Islamic Creed as:

Whatsoever the Quran and the Authentic Ahadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad prove and what the compagnions of the messenger of Allah used to believe in their lifetime.

The Oneness has been defined by learners as “Single Out God for Worship”. The definition that the Sheikh explained was:

Tawhid is to Believe in the Oneness of Allah as the Lord, the God, the Perfect Names and Attributes of Allah that make one to act accordingly.

After the break, Sheikh asked the attenders about The Principles of the Islamic Creed (Aqeedah) and he defined as:

  • is to believe everything that Allah sent in the Quran and Sunnah
  • we must submit all our cases to our Lord – Allah – with the Oneness (Tawheed)
  • To fulfill the obedience to our Lord and free yourself from any form of associating partners with Allah

It was a good reminder about the principles of the Islamic Creed. Here a screenshot from the online course.
Islamic Creed


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