Domains & Hosting

I attended a free online course on Wiziq hosted by Mrs. Tanja Petrova. The course was about Websites Made Easy – Domains & Hosting.

I have taken these notes from the course:

Buy domain starting from $2.99/yr

  • There is an option for buying hosting
  • you can use private registration without showing your real name ++$$ (very important)
  • Use SSL certificate for paying online for credit cards…. paypal ! : To lookup who use a domain

On Web hosting tab:

  • Shared Hosting: website available 24/7
  • Hosting from $2.55/mo for 5GB

  • Hosting from $4.99/mo for 10GB, Unlimited bandwidth (if the traffic is high) for Linux OS
  • You have to look what support is offered…. Goddady has a Skype free call

  • from 1cent /month
  • There is an US toll-free number associated with the plan.
  • From $4.95/mo – Hatching plan unlimited bandwidth + “Live chat“ for support

With MagicPak, you can have an US toll-free number.
Keep your domain and your hosting separate with two different compagnies


  • Kompozer Editor / Kompozer WYSIWYG editor / Kompozer website building
  • from Mozilla
  • Free template

godaddy sends a lot of email.
Go to My account:

  • free product
  • Domain Manager : make changes on your domains…. setup DNS from other company where your website is hosted
  • .

Go to cPanel (Control Panel): Hosting account
— Fatanstico: To can install: Drupal, WordPress…. and other solutions for free.

For other Free online course go to Wiziq website>.
Recordings from Tanja Petrova can be found here.


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  1. “Happiness is contagious and negativity is contagious too” , I am addicted to happiness, it is not only contagious, it is an adiction. Thanks for the quote

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