Moving With Scrum

On Friday at 6:30pm, I received a short notice from the rental office to move out, during the week-end, from my apartment for renovation. I was about to leave to attend a seminar in the west end of Ottawa. The next morning, I attended my weekly class at OCCSC (Ottawa Chinese Community Center Service) in the I.T bridging program. Stephanie Lachman-Doucet taught the class about Agile Scrum and I got the idea to chunk down the moving task to smalls tasks.

Moving With ScrumI wrote all tasks (Furniture, dishes, clothes, carpets, books…) on different yellow sticky-notes. I also wrote the headers of the table on green post-it notes (Unstarted, Started, Done and Reward).

When I start a task, I move the correspondent sticky-note from unstarted column to started column. I get excited when I move a post-it note to Done column because I reward myself by a nap or cup of coffee or walking, watching a movie…etc

This method helps eliminate stress and manage time. I will use it on my work office from now on.

I have to finish my other tasks, my break is over 🙂


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