What is Your Management Style?

Informational Interview Series

  1. What is Your Management Style?
  2. Successful Managers
  3. Special Advice for New Managers

In my previous work experience, I interviewed five managers about their management styles and I asked them 6 questions. I started by asking them to describe in three words their management style.  Here what I came up with:

Having fun is a corporate culture; they organize potlucks, send cards for birthdays, departure or loss of the love one. Some teams get together outside work environment in restaurants, pubs just for pleasure. Some managers distribute cookies, Timbits and  chocolate to make the environment sweeter.

They all agree to support their team by helping them fulfilling their roles within the organization. One manager said that s/he encourages the team members at the personal level and throw them  in a deep-end to help them growing and feeling more comfortable in doing new things.


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